Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Goodbye, Heath!

Today the movie-lovers world came to a halt. Heath Ledger, 28, died due to an apparent drug overdose. We will miss you, Heath. It will also be somber watching The Dark Knight this summer. Lets take a moment to highlight your accomplishments:

* The Patriot
* A Knight's Tale
* The Four Feathers
* Ned Kelly
* The Dark Knight

Someone in my department pointed out how life is unfair.
Pauly Shore is still alive; Heath Ledger is dead.

Farewell, Heath, we will miss you.

P.S. I have attached a picture. I don't know if it came out right.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Re-joining the 21st century...

I am getting a new laptop this weekend! I am so excited. I will post some pics when I get it!

I am also excited because I am going to a concert tomorrow at my new church!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank you, Coach Papas!

Today in A&P we talked about acids and bases. I already knew Acid + Base yields Salt + Water. That is one less thing I have to learn for this class. I appreciate the fact (now) that you made us say it 100 times, Coach Papas! Well, I have to go study monosaccharides.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

School Days

I started school yesterday. I have already started reading and making notecards for my A&P lab. I wish I had been this dedicated to school work when I was at A&M. All is well.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Hilary!

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday dear wonderful me!
Happy Birthday to me!

I have a feeling that this year will be jam packed with excitement and frivolity.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Great News!

Well, I have been in such a tizzy trying to figure out this whole nursing school thing. UT? Tech online? Blinn? ACC? Well, just when I thought I was going to have to quit my job and move just to go to school, I figured out exactly what is going on. It has been a challenging day. I can get my Associate Degree in Nursing from ACC, keep my job, stay in my apartment, have Progressive pay for my education and still have to take the exam to get my RN just as I would if I went to UT, Texas Tech, or Blinn. So...am I ok with an ASN instead of BSN? The answer would be yes! And...it costs less money! I think I am done spazzing for the day. Although I now have to sign up for Pharmacology and Microbiology! :(

To Nurse or Not to Nurse...that is the question.

Well...yes...you read the title correctly. I have been thinking for a long time that I should have gone into the medical profession. I am almost done making my mind up, but I have decided to go back to school and pursue a BSN so I can be a RN. So...student loans, burning the midnight oil, stress...here I come. I am reviewing my options as far as schooling is concerened, but I am thinking about applying to UT (dear God I never thought it would come to this) or the Texas Tech online, accelerated RN program (dear God it gets worse). Just to note...I am a LOYAL FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIE, but there are no nursing programs for me through that fine institution. I have prayed, talked, and researched a lot about this; we will see what happens!

Other news...Ken is doing fine. He gets to leave the hospital and go home probably today.

Friday, January 4, 2008

There is a first time for everything.

This is my first blog. No one will probably read it, so it won't be long. OK...that about wraps it up!