Friday, April 18, 2008

The weeks go by...

In 1 week, I have Supper Club at my friend Misty's house.
In 2 weeks, I have to have a 10 page paper due.
In 3 weeks, I will be done with this semester.
In 4 weeks, I will see Emily and Deanna and go to Seaworld.
In 5 weeks, I get to see Indiana Jones 4 and it is Memorial Day weekend.
In 6 weeks, I start summer school and Sex and the City comes out.
In 7 weeks, it is Burton's birthday.
In 8 weeks, the Incredible Hulk comes out.
In 9 weeks, it is my mom's and Darcy's birthday, Get Smart comes out, and I have Widow's Workday at church.
In 10 weeks, Wanted comes out.
In 11 weeks, it will be the Fourth of July.
In 12 weeks, Jimmy is coming to visit.
In 13 weeks, the Dark Knight comes out.
In 14 weeks, there is nothing on the calendar.
In 15 weeks, it is Jodi's birthday.
***That is all for now. I am busy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm It!

I'm it!
I was tagged by Emily, so I thought I would oblige. If you see yourself in the last list, feel free to join the fun!

4 Jobs I have had in my life:
1. exotic dancer j/k...worked as a law clerk
2. worked in the finance department at Dell
3. worked as a day care worker
4. work as a resolution specialist for an insurance company

4 Movies I’ve Watched More Than Once:
1. Pride &Prejudice
2. Indiana Jones Trilogy
3. Star Wars
4. Lord of the Rings Trilogy

4 Places I’ve Lived:
1. Corsicana, Texas
2. College Station, Texas
3. Dallas, Texas
4. Austin, Texas

4 TV Shows I Watch/Watched:
1. The Office
2. Curb Your Enthusiasm
3. Sex & the City
4. Coupling

4 Places I have Been:
1. New York City
2. Washington, DC
3. Las Vegas
4. Los Angeles

4 People who email me regularly:
1. Jodi
2. Dani
3. Erin
4. my mom

4 of my favorite foods:
1. chicken cordon bleu
2. chimichangas
3. cheese
4. Kashi bars

4 Places I Would Like to Visit:
1. London
2. Ireland
3. Hawaii
4. Heaven (actually not visit, permanently reside one day)

Things I am Looking Forward to in the Coming Year:
1. Indiana Jones coming out
2. being done with my school pre-reqs
3. going to Las Vegas
4. Harry Potter and Valkyrie coming out in the fall

4 Friends who I’m Tagging:
1. Erin
2. Dani
3. Melissa Bailey
4. Maryann

Friday, April 11, 2008


Well, I haven't had a lot of time to blog lately. I have found a new addiction in MySpace where you will find the up-to-date information on me.

Here is something to make you chuckle...

So, I decided to pay my car off early. As soon as I wrote the check to pay it off and put it in the mail, I hopped in my car. My car immediately started making a clapping noise. I took it to the dealership this morning and it was an easy fix because this little metal flap was loose above the passenger side front tire. I was relieved, but I needed new tires. They told me "the tread could come off at anytime." I decided that I better get new tires then. If it is not one thing, it is another. Lesson learned: don't pay off anything early.

On a sad NYC gallery, there is a crappy artist who is starving a dog to death in the name of art. Where is PETA and the humane society? I am going to go home and give Lu 5 treats. I am so distraught. :(