Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 in Reflection

I know I haven't written in a while, but here it goes...

Wow! Can anyone else believe this year is over? This has been a big year of change for me so I decided to let you into a little insight on my year.

First of all, I have been on MySpace for a year. I can't decide whether or not MySpace is the root of all evil or not. I do enjoy comments and socializing. I am sure you all can agree I do too many bulletins, but I get bored at work. Thanks to MySpace I reconnected with my good buddy, James Samuel McDonald IV. I hadn't heard from him in 6 years and he found me. I am going to visit him in Seattle in less than two weeks. We picked up as friends right where we left off.

In this year, I have lept into the technology age. I got a new laptop, a new digital camera, and an iPod. My life was incomplete before I got my iPod. I can download pictures, calibrate my printer (but not very well), and all sorts of other things that I was inept at before. I have discovered youtube and all the funny videos on there. Not so crazy about Facebook, but I have found a couple of people from high school that I hadn't talked to in forever.

I am not trying to be vain during this paragraph, but I am really proud of myself for going back to school and finishing all my pre-requisites for nursing school. I apply in January and will hopefully start in September. I have had to sacrifice a lot of my time to study but it has all paid off. This has definitely helped me get my priorities in check.

My mom and I spent a whole week in New York City. It was the best trip I have ever been on. We got to see the St. Patrick's Day Parade. We spent a whole day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We spent a morning in Central Park. We walked around Greenwich Village on a drizzly, Sunday morning and ate breakfast in a park. We stayed in Times Square and got to be in the hustle and bustle of every day NYC living. I know the subway system like I know the back of my hand. We saw Tina Fey in Rockefellar Plaza. We had tea at Alice's Tea Room in the Upper East Side and talked to Uma Thurman's next door neighbor for thirty minutes. We ate at Serendipity where they filmed the movie. Sorry that I am rambling about is just my favorite place ever.

My friends...

My BFFs are alive and well. I have had the pleasure of seeing Jodi become engaged to the best guy. I have fallen in love with Matt myself (not in that way). I am so happy that they are getting married. Deanna is doing great and Darcy is a year and a half! My goddaughter is growing up. She has her mother's smile and that makes me happy.

Dorsey moved to California this year. She is now 1717 miles away from me. I regret that when she moved to San Antonio a few years ago that I didn't see her very much because she is so far away now. I love you so much, Doodle. I am so glad to have you in my life. Never be to busy for the ones you love. They may move 1717 miles away!

Cassell and Liz...the two newest additions to my life. If I hadn't heard Cassell say the word "pharmacology" at work, we might not be friends. Cassell, Liz, and I are going to be awesome nurses in just a few years. It is amazing to me that I love both of them so much. Both of them are my rock. Liz and I were separated at birth...7 years apart.

Carole, thanks for being there for me through the year! It has been interesting!

All of my friends have been such a great source of support for me this year. I love each and everyone of you. If I went into details about all of you, we would be here until 2010.

Top Movie of the Year: The Dark Knight
Second Top Movie of the Year: Valkyrie
Third Top Movie of the Year: Sex & The City

Top Book of the Year: Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife
I haven't had time to really read anything else.

Top Song of the Year: Whatever You T.I.
Second Song of the Year: Lay it Al Green
Third Top Song of the Year: Britney Spears (got me through some difficult times)
I also love the new Kanye!

Top 10 Moments of 2008:

10. Roadtrip to San Antonio
9. Watching a ton of great movies at Alamo
8. Dorsey's farewell party
7. Catching snowflakes on my tongue with Liz
6. Wurstfest
5. South Padre Island
4. I know!
3. Honey, I shrunk Christmas.
2. Playing a 2 hour game of Clue without the Clue cards in the envelope
1. New York City

Saving the deep stuff for last...

* Change is not bad.
* The best thing you can do for yourself is to have great friends.
* You shouldn't ever settle for anyone.
* Everybody knows it ain't trickin' if you got it.
* I have learned to just not care.
* BS from someone is not a form of flattery.
* Girls are fabulous.
* There is nothing better than a sexy pair of arms.
* Singing in the car is cathartic.
* I have learned not underestimate myself.
* Drama is for the birds.
* Just laugh it off.
* Sometimes you just have to walk away.
* All right...stop! Collaborate and listen.
* You definitely cannot read tone in text messages, instant messages, and emails.

Well, that is all I really want to say. I could probably go on and on. 2008 has been interesting. I now know all the muscles and bones of the body. I have seen several of my friends find really nice boyfriends/girlfriends. I have had minimal drama. I got to spend a whole week in New York City. I got to spend four days on the beach with my friends. I have made some new friends. I have fallen in love with Alamo Drafthouse, Whole Foods, Central Market, Chuy's, and Town Lake.

In 2009, I am going to Seattle, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. I can't wait for Wurstfest 2009! I start nursing school (hopefully) in September. I might have to quit my job because of school or atleast go part time. Lots of big things coming. I am thankful to have all of you along for the ride. So long, 2008! Hello, 2009!

Happy New Year!!!

Hilary out and about to get the party started!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things I am thankful for...

I just want to give a big shout out to the man upstairs! I have been really stressed out with school, work, and boys. I am over half way done with summer school and my head is above water. He has taken care of me.

Things I am thankful for:
1. I passed my physiology assessment test, which had been plaguing my mind. Never again will I wait until the last minute to do something that important. If I hadn't passed, I would have delayed starting R.N. school by 9 months. But...the good Lord took care of me and I passed with flying colors.

2. My brother is at Officer Candidate School and doing well.

3. I love my friends and family more than anything. I got to hang out with Jims this last weekend and I have not seen him since 2002. We had a great time! I also get to see my grand-parental units this weekend.

4. Not a priority, but I am thankful that I am seeing The Dark Knight tomorrow. It has had excellent reviews. I am seeing it at midnight with a bunch of people. I am going to marry Christian Bale as soon as he leaves his wife.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I also cannot spell "unbelievably."

Funny News

I have been unbelievable busy with school. I cannot believe I am taking two extremely hard classes during summer school. I am an idiot. Here is an interesting article I found...
My question is...what was her head doing so close to her womanly parts?

A Los Angeles woman claims she was injured by her Victoria's Secret thong, prompting her to sue the underwear manufacturer.
The plaintiff in the case, Macrida Patterson, 52, attributed the May 2007 injury to a Victoria's Secret "low-rise v-string," according to a court document posted on The Smoking Gun.
Patterson's lawyer told The Smoking Gun that a "design problem" caused a decorative metallic piece on the underwear to fly up and hit Patterson in the eye while she was putting the underwear on.
Patterson's product liability lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last week.
The Smoking Gun reported that, prior to the lawsuit, officials from Victoria's Secret had asked to see the offending underwear but were refused by Patterson's lawyer.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I was informed...

by Emily that she expected my blog to be wonderful, funny, packed with movie reviews, etc. So...I figured that, while I am not in school right now, I would do a huge tribute to Indiana Jones 4. it turns out, the movie was not very good and I do not want to spend a lot of time writing about it. Emily, Brad...this is all you are getting. If you want humor, check me out on MySpace. BTW, make sure you check MySpace to see my new Mr. Potato Head.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Thank Goodness I am done with Finals!!!

This is the happiest I have felt in a while. Life is wonderful. My tests are over. I made an A in my Psyc class. Still waiting to hear back about A&P, but I think everything is ok. I am going to thoroughly enjoy the next 2.5 weeks off. I am going to read a book that I have been meaning to read. I am going to clean my house to perfection. I am going to Maroon 5 on Sunday. I am going to see Emily and Dee in 1 week. I am going to Seaworld next weekend. I get to see Indiana Jones at midnight the next week. There are many things to be joyful about.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The weeks go by...

In 1 week, I have Supper Club at my friend Misty's house.
In 2 weeks, I have to have a 10 page paper due.
In 3 weeks, I will be done with this semester.
In 4 weeks, I will see Emily and Deanna and go to Seaworld.
In 5 weeks, I get to see Indiana Jones 4 and it is Memorial Day weekend.
In 6 weeks, I start summer school and Sex and the City comes out.
In 7 weeks, it is Burton's birthday.
In 8 weeks, the Incredible Hulk comes out.
In 9 weeks, it is my mom's and Darcy's birthday, Get Smart comes out, and I have Widow's Workday at church.
In 10 weeks, Wanted comes out.
In 11 weeks, it will be the Fourth of July.
In 12 weeks, Jimmy is coming to visit.
In 13 weeks, the Dark Knight comes out.
In 14 weeks, there is nothing on the calendar.
In 15 weeks, it is Jodi's birthday.
***That is all for now. I am busy!