Friday, March 7, 2008

Thoughts for a Friday

It is unbelievably cold outside. I have seen several people wearing shorts! Why? Why would you do that?

I watched Beowulf last night. I thought it was ok. Much better than I anticipated.

My mom is working on our itineray for NYC. I already worked on it, but she is flagging pages in books, making copies, making notecards, etc. Y'all wonder where I get my OCD from!

I am done with school for 2 weeks. When I get back I have 3 tests. I am not pleased.

I am trying to let the past stay in the past. Focus on the future, Hilary!


Deanna said...

i got your message on myspace, but we've actually been pretty busy this week, so this is the first chance i have gotten to respond. we did have a good time this weekend. then i worked the election on tuesday... which was fun cause it was some of the same friends that were there too. hope you have fun in nyc! it sounds like y'all are going to pack a bunch in while you're there. just take your stuff to study for the plane ride...

Emily said...

I have no desire to see beowulf. I am thankful we didn't have to read it.

I am still planning on stowing away in your suitcase.