Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good times!

I have had a lovely week. My mom has been here and we have had fun. We did some shopping...lots of shopping. I got a fabulous bag at Dillard's that I have been eyeing for 6 months! It finally went on sale! 50% off, not 75%...but it was still a savings. I also got an exciting muted, silver trench coat for NYC! It will look wonderful on 5th Avenue. I also had 2 A&P tests this week. I made a 94 on my lecture test and a 97 on my lab practical. I studied a whole bunch of cat muscles and they WERE NOT on the the test. I am a little ticked, but it is ok. I have a fun Sunday planned. Sunday I am going to go to church, then I am going to the Zilker Park Kite Festival, then I am going to night church, and then I am going to see The Other Boleyn Girl with Erin. I also got into some smaller pants which is awesome!

Well, I am off to go eat at Shady Grove with Jodi and Dani. We are going to enjoy the splendid weather outside.

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