Friday, February 1, 2008

Busy! Busy! Busy!

I haven't had a chance to write since last week! I have been so busy. I have my first round of tests next week so I am staying constantly on the move.

My friend, Erin, and I are joing Hyde Park BC this Sunday. They have 200 active singles. That is 50x as many active singles as in my current church. They are on fire for God and they have events planned all the time. I haven't been this excited about church since the beginning of high school.

I am currently working on a myspace page. By working, I mean I have created a page. It is still blank.

I leave for New York City in 6 weeks!!! Yeah! I bought tickets to go see Mary Poppins. My mom and I are also going to see The Celtic Women at Radio City Music Hall and a string quartet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My mom and I are spending a whole day at the Met. We can't wait. I think it our favorite part of New York...but we also love Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza, and well, ok, we love all of New York.

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