Friday, February 22, 2008

The weekend...

I have been too busy to write anything down.

Emily - that is hilarious you went to Barry Manilow. I love me some Weekend in New England and I Can't Smile Without You. Dorsey and I have dance moves to the latter.

My mom is coming into town this weekend and some of next week. I am going to shop and chill with Ames. I am so glad my mom has to go to conferences in Austin.

We leave for NYC in 3 weeks!

I have 2 A&P tests next week. I have been trying to study diligently this week so I can hang out with my mom more. I have learned bones, bone specifics, human skeletal muscles, and bone tissue. I only have cat muscles and lecture material to go.

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Emily said...

Definitely sang Can't Smile Without You, along with the whole crowd. Loved it.