Saturday, February 16, 2008

Et Cetera

I have fallen in love with MySpace. I am on all the time. I should have been on years ago.

I made a 104 on my PSYC test Wednesday! I am glad that is over. I have another round of A&P lecture and lab test in a week and a half so I am getting on the ball this weekend. To make matters worse, my mom will be here the week of my next tests. I am thrilled she will be in Austin, but it is bad timing. I am going to try and study all week so I can just review the week of the tests. This Sunday will be bone day. I have to learn most of the bones of the body PLUS there features. That will be an exciting afternoon after church.

I leave for New York in 4 weeks! Of course, I have a PSYC test and a A&P lecture test while I will be in the Big Apple, so I have to make that up when I get back. Ugghh.

Well, that about wraps it up for today. Have a great weekend!


Emily said...

Do you remember that time we took that mini-mester speech class and the bonus question was to name Carole King songs? Seeing your 104 reminded me of that for some reason because I was wondering how you made greater than 100.

I love NYC. Can I stow away in your suitcase?

Deanna said...

i asked doug if he would ever go to nyc with me and he said only if he could drive... so i guess i'll have to get you to go if i ever decide to make that trek. good job on the test, sounds like you are heading towards a 4.0.

cindy said...

Isn't the foot bone connected to the big toe bone??? or something like that. I think there's a song that can help you with bones.

Seriously, Emily said I should leave you a comment soooo... here it is. Keep up the good work in school. I think you will make a great nurse or anything related to one. I can't think of anyone else's face I'd rather look up and see when Emily and Drew put me in the nursing home, than yours.

Emily said...

How sad, Mother! Plus, Hilary won't be working at the Twilight Home, so you're outta luck there.

AustinHils said...

To Deanna: Yes, I will go to NYC with you, but I am going to fly while you and Doug are driving.

To Emily: God willing I will not be working at Twilight Home. Didn't they shut that place down anyways?

To Cindy: That is so cool you are a blogger. I am trying to get my mom to get a MySpace page so she can spy on Cam. I am thinking "Incognito Ames" as her username.